Sustainable Product Sourcing China
Marco Polo Sourcing Product Sourcing Services - China Dragon You may develop your own unique products or allow us to offer solutions from existing product lines.

Products we have provided include:

Visual merchandising
- Holiday decorations including interior and exterior trim and foliage, human and pet mannequins, shirt forms and store fixturing

Promotional goods
–Backpacks, messenger bags, shopping totes, beach bags, pens, puzzles, badge holders

Unique Gifts
– Projecting pens, beach and pool toys, candles, mobile phone accessories, auto accessories, antique reproductions

3 Step Process
When creating new goods, the following 3 step process is our protocal:

1. Developing and producing prototypes
Provide us with your vision and together we will work to perfect your prototype.

Design and development is a critical stage in the product lifecycle. In collaboration with your team, we will create an item grounded in sustainable value engineering principles. Always keeping a keen eye on aesthetics, your prototype will be polished as well as practical.

You will receive concise, daily progress reports. Your prototype will be developed with your manufacturing focus forefront, enabling the factory of choice to make a seamless transition directly into production.

As your first finished sample is completed, we will move forward into bringing your first run to your doorstep!

2. Production Process
Based exclusively on your product and its specific needs, we will select from our database of pre-qualified manufacturing faclities. In coordination with the factories management team, your MPS Project Leader will oversee the launch phase and first production run, ensuring that our pre-determined milestones are met.

From the procurement of your raw materials right through to offering carbon offset solutions, you can be assured that MPS will provide you with cost-effective solutions on a timely basis.

3. Quality control
We are acutely aware of the critical nature of maintaining a strict quality control program.

Manufacturing can be a challenge when beginning with a new product or new production parameters. We are clear of the necessity of working with our partner factories to ensure all directives are followed explicitly. With our focus on sustainability, we implement strict parameters which are checked at dedicated milestones by our on the ground team members.

As our client, your manufacturing guidelines lay the blue print for your products end result. As your QC partner, we will follow your directives to help ensure your peace of mind.

Marco Polo Sourcing can provide you with capable and trustworthy translators in China. Additionally, we arrange translation and/or interpretation services on the U.S. West Coast.

Whether helping our clients represent their products to foreign buyers or bridging the language barrier in a price negotiation, we are here to help.

Translation and interpretation services are available in Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean.

Personalized sourcing trips
When taking your team into China, call on Marco Polo Sourcing to make your trip an efficient and profitable event. Legwork for flights, hotels, ground transportation, restaurants and sightseeing will be partnered with your factory and tradeshow visits and all will be arranged by our staff.

We can help you to achieve your goals and tasks, while maintaining your timetable and budget.

From the Canton Fair to the Mongolian border, we can customize a sourcing trip for you, complete with translators, great product finds and wonderful food!

Trend reports
As a longtime partner with retailers, MPS is always on the scout for the newest materials, fabrication methods, products and street trends. Our quarterly reports assist design teams and marketing departments in targeting the newest emerging markets.

As we become more socially and environmentally conscious in our product development, trend reports become even more valuable. They help us to identify how community and consumer needs are developing in response to this evolvinging focus.

We offer trend reports as a stand-alone product by industry. Contact us for more in-depth information.

MPS loves trend! Let us share our enthusiastic eye with you.