Sustainable Product Sourcing China
Marco Polo Sourcing - Photo of Koi fish
Your brand. Your vision. Your products.

MPS is here to propel you forward in your marketplace with sourcing services anchored in promoting your product.

Marco Polo Sourcing is an American company based in California. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best available products and services delivering modern design benefits, superior quality features, and value engineering.

Having owned factories in both San Francisco and China, our senior consultant, Tania Rodrigues has over 25 years experience in roll-out manufacturing and custom product design.

Our manufacturing focus resides primarily in China and Indonesia. We support and promote companies and individuals whose practices are in alignment with the tenets of sustainability.

Our team is your team! We are your outsourcing staff holstered with all the tools needed to help you either bring your idea to market or find a promotional solution to enhance your existing brand!